19 Best Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Baltimore, MD [2023 Updated]

There’s nothing quite like the joy good food brings. Apart from food, the restaurant’s ambiance also plays a part in enhancing your dining experiences.

If you want to enjoy your meal outside, you should check out the 19 best restaurants with outdoor seating in Baltimore, MD!

Eat Outdoors In Style

If you’re in Baltimore or nearby, you should not miss the chance to check out some of the best restaurants in the city. Plenty of restaurants in the area have outdoor spaces where you can eat and hang out with family, friends, or by yourself!


1. The Water Street Tavern & Key West Patio Bar

$$ | (410) 605-9495 | WEBSITE


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Since 2009, The Water Street Tavern & Key West Patio Bar has been serving food and fun. While the joint is located in one of the oldest areas in Baltimore, the atmosphere is anything but old.

Whether you are with your friends or by yourself, you will be greeted warmly upon arrival at this place. You can enjoy an assortment of seafood, steak, and a whole lot more. If live music is your thing, they have one every Friday. If you want to stay outdoors, the Key West Patio Bar area has a cozy space that’s perfect for drinking!


2. Nick’s Fish House

$$ | (410) 347-4123 | WEBSITE


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Imagine eating the freshest platter of seafood, drinking the tastiest cocktail, and enjoying a beautiful view of the water. If you want all of these, then you should check out Nick’s Fish house. If you want the full experience, they have a great outdoor area where you can hang out!

Apart from the amazing view, Nick’s Fish House has some of the best crab dishes in Baltimore. There are also other scrumptious dishes on their menu like Fish and Chips, steamed mussels and clams, and a whole lot more! They don’t usually accept reservations, so make sure you go early!


3. Tagliata

$$$ | (410) 244-5830 | WEBSITE


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Don’t be surprised if the food at Tagliata, an Italian Steakhouse, leaves a lasting impression on you! If you choose to dine here, make sure you order their hand-cut steaks. They go perfectly well with their array of hand-rolled pasta dishes.

Apart from their delectable Italian food offering, Tagliata is home to the largest wine list in all of Baltimore! There will always be a bottle of wine that would go so well with your food.

You can enjoy your time at this restaurant either at the lounge area, dining room, or their outdoor seating area.


4. Ampersea

$$ | (443) 681-5310 | WEBSITE


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At Ampersea, everything is about Maryland. This modern restaurant has one of the best waterfront views in Baltimore. Apart from dining with a great view, this place is also proud to serve food and drinks made from locally grown ingredients.

The team at Ampersea works with local suppliers to bring a memorable dining experience for everyone. The restaurant is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. You can enjoy classic flavors from all over the state!


5. Loch Bar

$$ | (443) 961-8949 | WEBSITE


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If you find yourself at the Four Seasons Hotel, don’t forget to make a pitstop at the Loch Bar Restaurant. This dining place features a scenic view of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. If you want an even closer look at the scenery, grab a spot at their outdoor dining area!

The Loch Bar Restaurant is perfect for those who love seafood and whiskey! Its raw bar is one of the biggest in Maryland. And they have a notable whisky menu.


6. The Bygone

$$$ | (443) 343-8200 | WEBSITE


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If you want a taste of the roaring 1920s but with a contemporary twist, The Bygone is the place to be! Situated at the top of the Four Seasons Hotel, this restaurant has a panoramic view of the city. If you want to maximize your dining experience on the 29th floor, check if you can be seated on the patio.

The Bygone menu highlights seasonal ingredients. And one of the main draws of the restaurant is its rotisserie offerings. Different types of birds, meats, and fishes are roasted and served tableside.


7. Mt. Washington Tavern

$$ | (410) 367-6903 | WEBSITE


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The Mt. Washington Tavern has been a Baltimore staple since 1979. It’s the perfect place for lunch and dinner with people you want to eat and chat with! If brunch is more your thing, then they have something for you too! They also have an outdoor dining space where you can enjoy your meal.

When it comes to food, they have a decent selection of starters. They even have various oyster dishes. If you drop by on a Thursday, take advantage of their discounted bottles of wine.


8. Avenue Kitchen & Bar

$ | (443) 961-8515 | WEBSITE


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Finding the perfect happy hour spot would no longer be a challenge for you! The Avenue Kitchen & Bar is ready to take you in! It has a sophisticated yet casual feel that’s perfect for everyone.

Their signature menu features American Continental cuisine. The different dishes would go well with the 15 kinds of wine they have on the house. They also have craft cocktails and draft beers. The Avenue Kitchen & Bar also has a full-service outdoor seating area.


9. Azumi

$$$ | (443) 220-0477 | WEBSITE


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A Japanese restaurant with a view sounds like a dream! However, it’s a reality when you get to Azumi! This restaurant, found inside the Four Seasons Hotel, has a stellar view of the Inner Harbor. It also has outdoor seating for those opting to eat out.

Azumi has a wide array of Japanese dishes to choose from for lunch and dinner. They have a lot of specialty rolls and sashimi selections. If you want an interactive dining experience, reserve a spot at their Flame Room and enjoy their Teppanyaki station


10. The Chasseur

$ | (410) 327-6984 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Baltimore, MD The Chasseur

There’s a historic reference to the name of this restaurant. It’s named after a merchant ship built by the people of Baltimore back in 1812. The ship was also known as the “The Pride of Baltimore”. And this nickname can also be applied to the restaurant.

The Chasseur guarantees to give you comfort through the different dishes on the menu. You can order a glass of cocktail or beer to pair with your comfort food of choice. If you want to be even more comfortable, head up to the third floor and chill in their outdoor open area.


11. Cypriana

$$ | (410) 837-7482 | WEBSITE


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Cypriana has been serving exquisite Greek food for more than 30 years. Every single plate that arrives on your table is made with passion. It’s because each dish is made from scratch using high-quality and healthy ingredients.

Scoring a table here won’t be a problem since the restaurant has 170 full-service seats. If you have a luncheon or meeting, you can do it at Cypriana. They also have an outdoor patio where you can enjoy the delicious Greek food and drinks!


12. Blue Pit BBQ & Whiskey Bar

$$ | (443) 948-5590 | WEBSITE


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Since 2014, the Blue Pit BBQ & Whiskey Bar has been serving great food to the Baltimore community. Even without any reservation, you can just walk into the restaurant with no problem.

When it comes to food, know that you are getting delicious food made from scratch. The smoked meats go through a slow cooking process to ensure their juiciness. Order your food and drink from the counter near the bar and make your way to their outdoor seating area.


13. Bo Brooks Crabhouse & Tiki Bar

$$ | (410) 558-0202 | WEBSITE


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For nearly 60 years, The Bo Brooks Crabhouse & Tiki Bar has been serving classic Chesapeake Bay cuisine to the people of Baltimore. Since opening its doors to the public back in the 1960s, this place has been offering the best kinds of seafood, especially crabs, in town.

While you feast on your seafood spread, you can also revel in the magnificent waterfront view. If you get a spot on the outside patio, you will be able to see the inner harbor.


14. Papermoon Diner

$$ | (410) 889-4444 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant with Outdoor Seating in Baltimore, MD Papermoon Diner

The Papermoon Diner has been around for ages. It has been around since 1994. And since it opened, it has been one of the best places to eat in the Baltimore dining scene. It opens early at 8:00 AM and closes at 7:00 PM.

This eating spot has your usual diner favorites and so much more. They have so many dishes that are perfect for breakfast or brunch. You can drop by early for some early dinner. The Papermoon Diner has that quirky and fun vibe that you can’t miss!


15. Alexander’s Tavern

$$ | (410) 522-0000 | WEBSITE


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If you want a relaxing night with family or friends filled with fun and food, then Alexander’s Tavern is prepared for you!

Alexander’s Tavern’s menu has a lot to offer to everyone! You can start with appetizers and finish off with desserts. They have dishes inspired by some of your childhood faves!

They also have two bars where you can enjoy your drinks and watch some sporting events. There are also some outdoor tables where you can chill and hang out.


16. La Cuchara

$$ | (443) 708-3838 | WEBSITE


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Get a taste of the gastronomic excellence from the Basque region of Spain and France. That’s what you will get if you drop by La Cuchara! This restaurant believes in serving simple and seasonal dishes using high-quality ingredients.

Since it opened its door in 2015, La Cuchara has been recognized as one of the best restaurants in Baltimore. They have a spacious indoor and outdoor dining area where you can get a taste of their ingredient-driven menu.


17. Forno Restaurant + Wine Bar

$$ | (443) 873-9427 | WEBSITE


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The Forno Restaurant + Wine Bar is also about serving Italian food but with a contemporary mix. They have handmade pasta and pizza dishes for you. They even have vegetarian and gluten-free friendly options for those with dietary requests.

You can stop by Forno before or after attending a show at the Hippodrome or the Everyman Theater. You can make a dinner reservation for either indoor or outdoor seating. Take note that they are not open for lunch and brunch is only available on Sunday.


18. Next Phaze Cafe

$$ | (410) 449-3232 | WEBSITE

Baltimore, MD Best Restaurants with Outdoor Seating Next Phaze Cafe

Get a taste of the best authentic Southern food in Baltimore courtesy of the Next Phaze Cafe! The people behind this cafe guarantee that seasoning in your food won’t be a problem at all!

While the menu might not be as big as other places, you know the dishes you will be ordering will be full of flavors. Try tasting their catfish taco, crabcake and other dishes!

If you have a special occasion to celebrate, consider booking the Next Phaza Cafe! They have both indoor and outdoor spaces that can host your event.


19. Gunther & Co.

$$ | (443) 869-6874 | WEBSITE


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If you are looking for a hip dining spot, there’s no better place than Gunther & Co. This restaurant’s Executive Chef, Jerry Trice,  is committed to using local and seasonal ingredients. It’s evident in the flavors and textures of their food.

If you want to dine out, Gunther and Co. has a lovely patio where you can enjoy your meal. They have a lovely selection of starters, salads, mains, sides, and desserts. You can phone in and reserve a dinner or brunch slot. Don’t worry about getting cold on the patio. It’s heated!


Dine At Your Fave Outdoor Food Spot in Baltimore

There are so many diverse restaurants in this Maryland city. So if you feel like taking in various views, make sure that you don’t miss the 19 best restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Baltimore, MD!

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